Clean Clubs
Make Winning Shots.

Spotless clubs mean precise shots. Elevate your golf game with Back 9 Clean's advanced cleaning kit. Make every swing a winning one.

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Apply Back 9 Clean's advanced cleaner foam to your golf clubs for thorough cleaning.



Use our premium brush with durable bristles to effectively remove dirt, grass, and debris from clubheads and grooves.



Our high-performance microfiber towel effortlessly absorbs moisture, leaving your clubs dry and ready for action.



Maintain your clubs in peak condition by repeating this simple process after each round for consistent and superior golf performance.

Discover What's Inside Our Kit.

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Back 9 Clean Golf Club Cleaning Single Foam Bottle - Clean Clubs, Pristine Swings

Elevate your golf game with the Back 9 Clean Golf Club Cleaning Foam Bottle. This specialized 4 fl oz (118ml) cleaning foam is designed to keep your clubheads in impeccable condition, ensuring consistent, accurate shots. With its powerful formula, removing dirt, grime, and rust is a breeze. Get ready to experience cleaner clubs and improved performance on the course. Order Now! 
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back9clean golf club cleaning towel (1)

Back9Clean's Microfiber Towel

Advanced microfiber technology ensures lightning-fast moisture absorption, keeping your clubs and hands dry for consistently precise swings.
back9clean golf club cleaning Brush

Back9Clean's Premium Brush

Our brush features durable bristles that effortlessly remove dirt, grass, and debris from your clubheads and grooves, ensuring they stay in peak condition.

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About Back 9 Clean!

At Back 9 Clean, we're driven by a passion for golf and a commitment to enhancing every golfer's experience on the course. Founded by avid golfers, our brand is dedicated to providing golfers with top-notch solutions that elevate their game.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to help golfers play at their best by offering premium golf club cleaning kits designed to keep clubs in pristine condition. We understand that clean clubs aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re about performance. When your clubs are free from dirt, rust, and debris, you can achieve greater accuracy and distance, ultimately leading to a more enjoyable and successful round of golf.

Why Back 9 Clean?

  • Quality Products: Back 9 Clean takes pride in offering high-quality golf club cleaning kits that are designed to last. Our kits include advanced cleaner foam, premium brushes, and high-performance microfiber towels, ensuring that every aspect of club cleaning is covered.
  • Performance Enhancement: Our products are not just about cleaning; they’re about performance enhancement. When you use Back 9 Clean, you’ll notice the difference in the accuracy and consistency of your shots, helping you reach your full golfing potential.
  • Rust Prevention: Rust can be a golfer’s worst enemy. Back 9 Clean’s cleaner foam and cleaning techniques help prevent rust formation, ensuring that your clubheads remain in top condition.
  • Convenience: We believe that every golfer should have easy access to effective club cleaning solutions. Back 9 Clean offers the convenience of a one-stop solution for all your club maintenance needs.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Back 9 Clean is committed to delivering excellence at every level. From the quality of our products to the satisfaction of our customers, we are dedicated to providing the best in golf club cleaning.

Join Us on the Green

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, Back 9 Clean is here to support you on your golfing journey. We invite you to experience the joy of playing with clean clubs and unlocking your true potential on the green. Elevate your game with Back 9 Clean, where clean clubs make winning shots!